Free access to the LED laboratory

Free access to the LED laboratory is reserved for students who:

  • are enrolled in a course that involves the use of the LED;
  • have already attended a course that involved the use of the LED.


  • The available laboratories and slots are indicated on the schedule page on the LED website.
  • Only slot within the current week can be booked.
  • It is possible to book only one slot per week.
  • Booking is individual and personal.
  • Students who access the laboratory must have read the LED regulations and the rules and obligations regarding safety in the workplace, both included in the booking procedure.
  • The maximum number of students per table is four of the same course.
  • The maximum number of students admitted is limited by the availability of places.
  • Access without a reservation is not possible.

Booking App

  • It is accessible via institutional credentials.
  • Make sure to use the latest version released. The application will notify you with a message if there are any updates to be applied.
  • For a correct visualization, it is recommended to use the app via PC.

Access to the Laboratory

  • When accessing the laboratory, students are required to show a valid identification document (student smart card).


  • During free access hours, the laboratory staff will provide the components and materials necessary to carry out the exercises.
  • The laboratory staff is able to offer adequate technical support about the use of the equipment, but will not provide any teaching support.


  • Students showing an incorrect behavior may be immediately banned from the laboratory and precluded from future access to the free slots.